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We offer a variety of services designed to serve Hawaii's entrepreneurs.  All of our services are free of charge, and are designed to help entrepreneurs deal with the struggles of starting and operating a business.


We host regular events and seminars throughout the islands. Our talks address things like choice of entity, how to file the necessary forms with the State of Hawaii, employment issues, intellectual property, leases, and much more.  Check out our Events page to find out where you can catch us next. 


We've partnered with the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) and the Patsy T. Mink Center for Business & Leadership (MCBL) to offer small business owners no-cost business legal counseling with an attorney.  We staff the 30-minute sessions with our licensed attornies to provide guidance on topics such as: choice of entity, business crisis, for-profit corporations, LLC's and partnerships. Private 30-minute sessions are available at no-cost and by appointment only every Wednesday of the month between 11am - 1pm. To request an appointment, please visit the Patsy T. Mink Center for Business & Leadership's Website (2nd and 4th Wednesday every month) or the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (1st and 3rd Wednesday every month)


We've curated a library of free resources that'll help get you started.  We worked with our team of business attorneys to create our own Hawaii-specific contracts, forms, and agreements that are a great starting point.  We've also collected our favorite resources and put them all in one place.  Check out our Resources page to learn more. 


BLC also provides transactional business law services to help launch new companies. We focus on company formation, choice of entity (i.e., corporation, LLC, etc.), and drafting the appropriate documents. We can also help new business owners with intellectual property and contracting/licensing concerns to ensure their new business interests are protected. We do not offer litigation support.

In order to qualify for BLC’s pro bono services, an entrepreneur must not be able to afford traditional legal representation. Our requirements are flexible so that we can take a holistic view of an entrepreneur’s finances, but we will never accept a client who we believe may afford to pay for legal services. All information is kept confidential.  In addition to meeting the financial need, BLC also seeks to help clients who are bringing innovative ideas and models to the marketplace with a high potential for job creation. Therefore, those entrepreneurs who evidence their ability to aid in community economic development are better candidates for obtaining BLC services.


If you think you might a good fit, submit an application.

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