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Our mission is to foster community economic development and spur job creation by providing pro bono legal services to new small business owners of limited means. 


Many entrepreneurs and small business have promising business ideas but lack the funding to secure competent counsel. Without representation, these entrepreneurs and small businesses are more likely to make critically fatal mistakes resulting in failed businesses, higher unemployment and local economic distress. The formation of Business Law Corps, also known as “BLC” for short, is a direct response to the pressing need that small businesses face in obtaining important legal and business advice. The purpose of BLC is to remove barriers to legal and economic justice.


We are committed to supporting job creation and community enrichment by offering a legal service which matches worthy entrepreneurs with lawyers willing to provide free legal services. Through this platform, BLC fosters successful and thriving small businesses in communities across the country.


Our organization is built around helping Hawaii's entrepreneurs.  We host seminars and events, provide 30 minute free consultations, create and distribute free resources, and undertake pro bono engagements.  We proudly provide all of these services free of charge.  Learn more about how we serve Hawaii's entrepreneurs.



President - Greg Kim 

Vice President - Cat Taschner

Chief Technology Officer - Landen Buckley

Board of Directors - Sean Clark, Leigh-Ann Miyasato, Greg Kim



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