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In 2021, to respond to the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the Hawaii business community, BLC hosted an eight-part "Restart Hawaii" series of seminars.  The series was aimed at accelerating the restart of business in Hawaii, and had topics focused on topics relevant to the unprecedented challenges facing Hawaii businesses.  


The full series is available on Youtube


Topic 1: Choose Your Legal Entity:  How to Decide (Ryan Hew)

Topic 2: Get Going-How to Form Your Business (Greg Kim & Cat Taschner)

Topic 3: Create Your Brand-How to Protect Your Name & Logo (Gregory Ferren)

Topic 4: How to Navigate State Agencies (Ikaika Rawlins & Kimi Ide-Foster)

Topic 5: Get Funded-How to Raise Money (Daniel Lam)

Topic 6: Avoid Taxes-How to Reduce Your Taxes (Chris S. Mashiba)

Topic 7: Get Workers (Christopher S. Yeh)

Topic 8: Lease Space (Chenise K. Iwamasa)


Getting the right advice from an actual attorney can be invaluable to the success of your small business.  But, to help you get started, we've curated a library of free forms, templates, and contracts.  These might be a good starting point for you and your business, but be aware that without seeing a lawyer you never really know if the documents suit your business and are protecting you properly.

In addition to BLC's document library, there there are many other places that offer free templates of legal documents. Here's a few that we like: 

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